Children & U18's

Our team have a great rapport with children, enabling us to set a strong foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth. Dental treatment for children is free on the NHS for all under the age of 18. Our aim is to make sure that your child has a fun, gentle and friendly dental experience. We welcome patients who are nervous or have special needs. 

Check-up before their first birthday

We recommend you bring your child to the dentist 6 months after their first tooth comes through, or just before their first birthday, whichever happens first!


What happens at my child's dental visit?

During your child’s dental examination, the dentist will check your child’s existing teeth for decay, examine your child's bite, also checking the gums, jaw, and oral tissues.


The dentist may ask you about your child's diet, brushing habits, and may make recommendations on the best ways to care for your child's teeth. This is a great opportunity to discuss any concerns you may have. 

6 Monthly 



Dental Treatments for Children

By filling teeth affected by decay, we can restore teeth before the decay spreads to the nerve and starts causing pain. We use white composite material, which is safe and sets quickly to restore the strength of teeth. 


Some teeth are extracted because they contain cavities and some are extracted for orthodontic treatment. Extractions are necessary for ending pain and infection, ensuring that your child’s mouth remains healthy. Extractions under anaesthetic are pain-free and at Rice Lane Dental Practice our dentists are very experienced with anxious or nervous young patients.

Tooth Extraction

Fluoride and fissure sealants help prevent tooth decay. Fluoride application and fissure sealants are pain-free treatments.

Fluoride and Fissure sealants

Accidents will happen! Protect your child's teeth when they are playing contact sports by providing your child with a custom made mouthguard. As well as being a great fit, mouthguards can be personalised with their favourite colours and images too. 


Emergency treatment for pain, bleeding or swelling is available weekdays by appointment. For out-of-hours dental emergencies call NHS 111.

Emergency Treatment

Referrals for Treatment


Some children may be referred externally for specialist treatments such as sedation or orthodontics. 

If you would like information about the status of your child's referral, visit Dental Referrals, Cheshire and Merseyside or call our team on 0151 525 3598

Message from NHS referrals:

There has been an increase in demand for orthodontic treatment recently which has resulted in an increase in patient waiting times across the whole of Greater Manchester & Cheshire and Merseyside.  As patients are triaged according to clinical need and age, this will result in some patients waiting longer than others.

 In addition, there could be a longer waiting time for a named provider, however, it is important to remember that requesting the soonest provider may result in longer journeys for appointments and this may not always be convenient and once a course of orthodontic treatment is started it is not possible to move to another provider.

Orthodontic Referral for Treatment

Orthodontic treatment (most often braces) corrects the alignment of crooked or crowded teeth. Braces not only improve the appearance of your child's smile, but straighter teeth also make it easier to keep their teeth and gums clean. Many children can feel self-conscious about their smile if their teeth are misaligned which can negatively affect their confidence. Children are typically assessed for a referral once their adult teeth have come through (around age 12). Talk to the dentist about orthodontic referrals at your next dental visit.


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Family appointments available for existing NHS patients