Dental Treatments

At Rice Lane Dental Care, we provide a choice of reliable and accessible NHS dentistry and expert, high quality and affordable private dental care.

We have a complete choice of treatments to help maintain and make the most of your smile whatever your requirements or budget.

Routine Treatments

Dental Examination

During a private dental examination, the dentist will:

  • Assess your risk of tooth decay

  • Examine for root caries & gum disease

  • Discuss any problems or concerns you may have

  • Discuss the appearance of your teeth

  • Assess your oral health and risk assess you for the future.

  • Examine your mouth for tooth decay & gum disease 

  • Examine your jaw and bite for problems

  • Take radiographs (X-Rays) if needed (charged separately)

  • Assess your need for restoration or tooth replacement, such as restorations and solutions for missing teeth

  • Mouth cancer check

Approximate time: 20-30 mins 

New Patient Exam: £60, x-rays £8 per film

Recall Exam: £48          

       Denplan Care: Included   

Denplan Essentials: 2 annual visits


Healthy gums are essential or good oral health and indeed good general health. This treatment involves the removal of plaque and tartar from the front and back of the teeth using an ultrasonic tip. The hygienist then uses a prophylaxis paste to polish the teeth helping to remove staining and leaving your teeth smooth and clean. The hygienist will give you oral hygiene instruction and explain any changes you need to make to your oral hygiene regime to improve and maintain your healthy smile. Excellent gum health is essential for a healthy attractive smile and fresh breath. In order to maintain excellent oral hygiene, it is recommended that treatment is carried out at least twice a year. 

Approximate time: 20 mins      

Pay-as-you-go: £48  

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 2 annual visits


Scale & Polish / Dental Cleaning

Occasionally teeth may have to be extracted because of cavities or to make space for orthodontic treatment. Extractions are necessary to end pain, and infection and maintain a healthy mouth. All extractions are carried out under local anaesthetic and are pain-free. The dentist will explain options for filling the gap following extraction.

Approximate time: 30-40 mins

Pay-as-you-go: from £115

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 15% Discount


Tooth Extractions

Restorative Treatments

Crowns & Bridges

Missing teeth can cause a loss of confidence, as well as problems with eating and speaking. Dental bridges and crowns restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile.


Crowns and bridges:

  • Restore your ability to properly chew and speak

  • Maintain the shape of your face

  • Prevent remaining teeth from drifting out of position

  • Distribute the forces in your bite properly by replacing missing teeth

  • Restore the aesthetics of your smile by replacing missing teeth

At Rice Lane Dental Practice we offer a variety of crown and bridge options depending on your clinical needs and budget. All our private prosthetics are sent to hand-selected, experienced lab technicians who work closely with your dentist. Colour matching ensures that bridges are the colour of your natural smile, and the prosthetics are incredibly realistic so nobody will know you’ve had any work done!


Visits: 3-4 visits are usually involved, with a preparation appointment and a fit appointment to place the crown or bridge. Preparation appointments may last 1-2 hours, where you will be fit a temporary bridge while you wait for the new one to be made, fitting appointments are usually 40-50mins

Pay-as-you-go: from £590 per unit

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 15% Discount


Root Canal Treatments

A root canal treatment may be carried out as an alternative to tooth extraction. It involves cleaning out any infection from the centre of your tooth and then using filling material to seal the tooth and prevent reinfection. The dentist can then restore the damaged tooth with a filling or crown, this makes the root-filled tooth stronger. Although extractions are essential for removing infection and maintaining a healthy mouth, permanent tooth loss may compromise chewing and the appearance of your smile. 


If the work is particularly complex, your dentist may refer you to a specialist in root canal treatment, known as an endodontist.

Approximate time: 2 visits 

Pay-as-you-go: front tooth, from £360 back tooth, from £475

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 15% Discount


Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are pre-moulded fillings used in molar or premolar teeth. If a tooth has experienced too much damage for a regular filling, but not so much damage that a crown is necessary- an inlay or onlay may be a good option. The key comparison between them is the surface area of the tooth they cover and part of the tooth that they cover. Inlays and Onlays can be used effectively to restore teeth that are badly worn or broken or as an alternative to fillings.

Approximate time: 2 visits 

Pay-as-you-go: from £495

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 15% Discount


Ill-fitting dentures can be very uncomfortable and cause emotional strain as well as impacting your quality of life. At Rice Lane Dental Practice we provide quality dentures that are comfortable and long-lasting. Dentures are used to replace missing teeth and can be either temporary or permanent. Private dentures are made using the most up to date techniques and materials, constructed by senior technicians for superior comfort and appearance. During your consultation, the dentist will explain the different materials and options available to you. 

Approximate time: 4 visits 

Pay-as-you-go: from £390

      Denplan Care: Included  

Denplan Essentials: 15% Discount



A mouthguard is a specially made cover which fits exactly over your teeth and gums, usually to cushion them or protect them from damage. Mouthguards can also be used to treat jaw and muscle problems and during the treatment of tooth wear which is an increasingly common problem. Clenching and grinding your teeth when you sleep can wear down your teeth over time, affecting how your teeth bite together. The effects of grinding can be lessened by wearing a mouthguard at night called a bite raiser. Some people don't realise they are grinding their teeth. The dentist can spot key signs of tooth wear at a dental exam.

Approximate time: 2 visits 

Pay-as-you-go: from £155


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Emergency Treatment

If you need to see us urgently we will do our best to fit you in and be as flexible as possible. This service is for registered patients by appointment only. We offer limited new patient private appointments for emergency treatment, please call for availability.

Do I need an emergency appointment?




X   Loose or lost fillings

X   Lost crowns, veneers or dental bridges

X   Bleeding gums 


 Painkillers such as Ibruprofen or Paracetamol (following instructions carefully)

 Saltwater rinses (adults only)

  1. Dissolve half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water 

  2. Rinse your mouth with the solution, then spit it out – don't swallow it

  3. Repeat as often as needed

 Numbing gel which you can buy at pharmacies or supermarkets

 Eat soft foods and avoid chewing on the affected area

Things that will make the pain worse:

X  Eating foods high in sugar, that are very hot or very cold

X  Smoking – it can make some dental problems worse

How can I manage dental pain at home?

Denplan patients with Supplementary Insurance what's this?

  • Call the practice on 0151 525 3598 following answer machine instructions for the on-call Denplan dentist


NHS & private patients:

  • Call the practice answer machine on 0151 525 3598 for out-of-hours arrangements

  • Call NHS 111 to find an out-of-hours service near you


Go straight to A&E:

  • the area around your eye or your neck is swollen

  • swelling in your mouth or neck is making it difficult for you to breathe, swallow or speak

Out-of-hours emergency arrangements

Take the stress out of dental emergencies

Our dental plan offers peace of mind that you will be able to get the help you need whether you’re at home in the UK or abroad. Plus priority appointment booking at our clinic when pain strikes.

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