Dental Hygiene

Prevention is better than cure

Poor oral hygiene is bad news for your overall health as well as your appearance. Simply visiting the hygienist regularly can help prevent oral health problems before they begin, saving you large dental bills or need for extensive treatment.



Personalised hygiene advice

We offer personalised advice on the best techniques which will guide your at-home oral maintenance. Regular visits to the hygienist as well as your efforts will ensure good dental health for life. At your hygiene visit, we will be able to see and access places you can't reach at home to catch any dental issues early.

The science behind the perfect smile

Our teeth are covered with biofilm, which is a sticky, colourless film made up of bacteria. This biofilm is removed when you brush and floss your teeth, depending on how well you brush! If the biofilm is not removed it builds up between the teeth and gums, which can lead to gum disease. The bacteria found in the biofilm can break down enamel when it feeds of sugary foods and drinks, causing tooth decay.

Signs of good oral hygiene include:

  • Pink gums which do not bleed or cause pain when brushed

  • No issues when eating  

  • Clean teeth, free of debris

  • No problems with persistent bad breath

Best oral hygiene practices

  • Brushing twice a day, once in the morning and on one more occasion

  • Flossing and using interdental brushes to clean in between your teeth

  • Using toothpaste which contains fluoride (min 1,350ppm)

  • Eating a balanced diet and reducing snacking in between meals

  • Avoiding food or drinks high in sugar content


Members Benefits

Regular dental and hygiene visits are included in our monthly dental plans. Our Essentials plan covers the recommended twice-yearly visits to the hygienist.  

New here?

You don't need to be a plan member or have visited the practice in the past to book a hygiene visit. Simply call our reception team to make an appointment.

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